Breakup After Marriage

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but first, if you’re new to this process and you’re wanting to get Breakup After Marriage
your ex back I would always recommend that you and take our ex recovery chances quiz it’s a
simple two-minute quiz designed to help you understand if this is worth your

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Breakup After Marriage

the time or even if you have a chance of getting your ex back taking the quiz is
super simple all you have to simply do it will take you right to where you can
take the quiz so with that in mind take the quiz again let’s begin so what

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is your ex thinking about if you don’t hear from them this is a really big
the question that I get asked all the time and I’m gonna unpack it here for you
today but before I dive in I want to quickly remind you that it’s really

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Breakup After Marriage

important for you to take our ex recovery chances quiz now I keep
article because ultimately it gives you your starting point it tells you and
answers the question if this is worth your time or not and it’s a big deal and

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sometimes even if you get a low score on our quiz we’ll teach you exactly what
you can do to raise that score so with that in mind make sure you go take the
quiz let’s begin talking about what the heck is going on your ex’s head and you

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Breakup After Marriage

know truthfully I would actually argue that there’s a more important question
that we need to ask first before we ultimately answer this question right so
what is that question well that question is is your ex even thinking about you at

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all this is a big question I get especially from people who are new to
the processor going through the no contact rule for the first time where
they’re ignoring their acts and they’re frightened is that that all of a sudden

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Breakup After Marriage

their ex is just going to forget them so it is your ex even thinking about you at
all well definitively yes I would actually make a really strong argument
that they are thinking about you it’s really hard to forget someone that you

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potentially spend a month to years of your life with romantically
intimately it’s hard to forget those details and I’ve actually got some
scientific backing behind this so let’s actually look at that what is

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the scientific backing that proves that your ex is still thinking about you well
actually there are two reasons the first one is a little bit more scientific and
the second one is actually a study done by a graduate student on breakups so

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what are these two things well the first thing as you can see here is an addiction
right so what they found when scientists were studying the brain and how it
reacts to breakups is they actually put a number of individuals and hooked them

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up to an MRI machine which can scan your brain and show some imaging of
what’s going on there and what they did is they all they picked people who were
who had just gone through breakups so these are people who would just be on

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Breakup After Marriage

the cusp of having been broken up and they showed that person images of their
ex and what they found the brain did was really fascinating they found that the
part of the brain that became very act it was actually the same part of the

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Breakup After Marriage

a brain that became active in a cocaine addict when a cocaine addict is looking
for that fix, they need something to keep them going so if you really think about
it after you go through a breakup this is why it’s so hard to get over the

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Breakup After Marriage

person because in a way your body is hungry for some type of stimulus from
your ex you’re addicted to them so obviously I’m sure you’re going through
this podcast or what have you you are addicted to your ex you cannot stop

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thinking about him or her but the same is also true of your ex they are going
to not be able to stop thinking about you either because they’re also addicted in a weird
the way they’re also going through some pain now we can get into what they’re

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Breakup After Marriage

thinking about a little bit later but before I do that first let’s move on to
the second reason that I believe that your ex is thinking about you so the
the second reason is actually the idea of so what is that well is actually after a

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Breakup After Marriage

breakup you basically stalk your ex on you’re looking at their profile
pictures their image updates everything you can possibly imagine you’re looking
at and a graduate student a couple of years ago did the test where they I

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Breakup After Marriage

think it was a she I think or something like that she actually went around to her college and
started quizzing people and asked them if they would spy on their ex after a
breakup and she found that eighty-nine percent of people said yes so right

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there you’ve got to scientific facts to scientific evidence that we can point
at and basically say yes it’s hard to stop thinking about your ex on the one