Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

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I knew my husband was the one I want to go ahead and tackle that question and Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

eventually, I’m but I think I want to do that with my husband

but the question opened my eyes to a bigger issue the bigger issue and the

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

the bigger question should be how do you know when someone isn’t the one the

about that dilemma that we might have in our lives are my ex-husband and how I

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

thought he was my husband and oh without a shadow of a doubt for years I testified

that this man was someone who God wants me to be with and it wasn’t until I’ve

Because they learned God more built a closer relationship with him understood how he

spoke to me is  I realize that an individual was never meant to be 

my husband let’s go ahead and talk about that so years ago I was dating my

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

ex-husband and I thought that I was completely sold out for the Lord I had

maybe a few weeks before that I was saving someone else I broke it off I

knew that that’s not what the Lord had for me, I ended up breaking it off in

But that night my ex-husband reach out to me on and I thought it was more

then a coincidence I thought it is God I thought it was like you know how you

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

ever saw that that image of the little girl holding a teddy bear and Jesus has

a bigger teddy bear behind his back and she will not let go of this or anything

teddy bear and so I thought that that’s  my teddy bear experience I thought me

was getting rid of this thing that was ranking Inc and the Lord was going to

bless me and this was the blessing through this message from this random man we ended updating

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and with all good intentions, I thought that I am  led by God I really

really thought I am  led by God I thought this man was brought into my

life by God I thought the red flags are not red flags I thought the red flags

were just yellow flags may be opportunities for me to pray

opportunities for me not to judge every the excuse in the book I use to validate this relationship and

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so we date for months and we end up sexually involving all judgmental

we’re not the one where we are one day we’re in a few months into our relationship and I’m sitting on the

the couch I’m reading my Bible and I’m having a long time with God and me

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

remember thinking to myself, okay God I am dating this guy for a few months now

it seems like it’s getting serious I need you to tell me this is my husband

and I was afraid to ask him because I was afraid to get the answer I was

enjoying where I was and I didn’t really want got to interrupt the season and so

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

I said it verbally out of my mouth I said God is this my husband and before I

can get the husband out I hear yes audibly I hear yes and I remember I jump like

it startled me and I started crying and I remember I wrote in my journal the

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

date and what I just asked God and what his answer was fast forward months down the line we do

end up getting engage we get marrie and all hell broke loose well to be

honest hell broke loose before we got marrie he was verbally abusive

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

emotionally abusive withholding and because I am still stuck in my own

issues it was just a term monstrous tumultuous your term old truest relationship years later it’s on the

a line I realize that that man is never meant to  my husband we were never

meant to be marrie and my brokenness his brokenness collided and there was codependency

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

and there was a demonic influence that led us together and all with the hopes that

we  destroy one another and so I found out that this man is  not my

Because husband the Lord gave me a dream told me that leaves their relationship and me

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

left the relationship I signed the divorce papers that he filed I started

Because the divorce papers and our marriage was over that’s hard a little bit more I end up

meeting my husband well I already knew my husband but we began to date and us

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

end up getting engage we get marrie and all throughout all of this I

remember still talking to my girlfriend and I say if this man was not my

Because husband why would God tell me, yes I know what I heard I did not make that up I

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

heard a voice say yes and so there was so much confusion still there and I

would go to God and ask him and I don’t know I can’t explain it but it was like

he wasn’t saying much to answer the question but he would always remind me

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

of what he did say and what he did say was that this man was not my husband so

Because fast forward a little bit more and married some I had my current husband

But now and we were talking about my previous marriage and just things that

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Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

I’ve dealt within it and I told him I said I don’t understand what I heard

that day why I heard yes and so my the husband said something that really

But changed my perspective in my life he said babe how does God usually speak

Divorce Problems in Husband Wife

Because to you and I say well typically it’s a knowing it’s a ministering to my spirit

never heard God speak to me audibly before he said why do you think