Grah Dosh Ke Upay

ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

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Sri Vishnu Roopaya Namah Shivaya ग्रह दोष का उपाय 

Each had a story to share about the astrologers’ deceiving them citing doshas such as “Kala sarpa dosha”, “Pitru dosha”, “mangalya dosham” etc

But Experiences shared by few were heartbreaking

Because Some of the astrologers, lacking compassion,

Mark my words.

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

Because I wanted to share something with you all after hearing about these incidents

But help is required to alleviate Graha doshas (unfavorable condition due to certain planetary positions)

Because We all have a maha-mantra that, upon chanting at home, will resolve any Graha dosha

But Most of you are aware of this mantra but do not know the benefits of chanting this. I will talk about that today.

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dohs

Because Chanting these mantras removes any Graha dosha for anyone! There is absolutely no need for any procedures like “Graha Shanti”

But That maha-mantra chanting is “Vishnu Sahasranama parayanam”!

Vishnu Sahasranamas have the extraordinary power of removing any kind of Graha doshas or jathaka doshas

Because I could assure you that chanting Vishnu Sahasranama every day at 6 am and 6 pm without fail will absolve all graha doshas without any “Graha Shanti”

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

I have seen many such incidents and can vouch for the power of these naamas!

If 6 am may not seem like a possibility, let me explain the significance of those times

There are huge cosmic power in nature during the “Prabhata”(morning) and “Pradosha” (evening) times of the day

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

Chanting these mantras during such auspicious times would enable us to receive that higher energy to the maximum extent

If those times are not feasible, choose different hours as per your schedule

The key is to chant at the same time morning and evening with the discipline to reap the supreme benefits of Vishnu Sahasranama

How could Vishnu Sahasranama be a remedy for Graha doshas?

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

As we know, our “jaathaka” (natal horoscope) is based on “rasi” (zodiac sign) which in turn depends on “nakshatra” (constellations)

How many nakshatras exist? Answer is 27

You may question this number 27 when we see millions of stars in the sky

I will detail you about the stars we see in the sky in a few minutes

There are 27 constellations or nakshatras: Ashwini, Bharani, Krutthika, Rohini, etc

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

There are 4 paadas for each nakshatra: 1st paadha, 2nd paadha, 3rd paadha, 4th paadha

Now, if we multiply 27 (nakshatras) with 4 (pandas) – 27 X 4 will be 108

Because How many slokas constitute Vishnu Sahasranamam?

But Vishnu Sahasranama comprises of Poorva Peethika that includes some questions and Uttara Peethika that tells the benefits of chanting these names

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

Because They can be excluded. There are 108 slokas in the actual namaas starting with the sloka: “Vishwam vishnur vashatkaaro”

But Does it not feel like there could be some connection between the number of shlokas and the count of nakshatras?

Because For example: If you are born under the star Bharani & 2nd paada , let us calculate the equivalent shloka

Ashwini, the nakshatra prior to Bharani, with four paadaas comprise first four shlokas

Now 5th shloka goes for Bharani, 1st Paadha

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

This means, if you are born under Bharani 2nd paadha, 6th shloka of Vishnu sahasra nama is the one that pacifies the planets in your birth chart!

but This way, you can calculate based on your nakshatra and paadha

But and find out which shloka of Vishnu Sahasranama acts as a mantra for you

Because Vishnu Sahasaranama can be chanted without any initiation from the guru as this is a sthotra

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

Because Use that mantra (based on your nakshatra) to alleviate any Graha doshas

However, I want to suggest something in this respect

Because It takes about 20 minutes to chant the entire Vishnu Sahasranamaas

Magnificent benefits can be reaped if one can chant all the 108 shlokas instead of splitting them up into secluded mantras

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ग्रह दोष का उपाय How To Know Grah Dosh

An image of Lord Narayana manifests in the cosmos around us, upon chanting these shlokas!

But How is this possible?  how chanting “Aum” created “Sri Chakra” in nature

Similarly, chanting Vishnu or Lalitha Sahasranamaas with utmost devotion create