Relationship Vs Single

Relationship Vs Single

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Relationship Vs Single we’ll discuss the important houses, then we’ll talk about the planets and zodiac signs.

but  In the second one, we’ll discuss the combinations. if The important houses and planets will make combinations for love marriage.

but We’ll discuss that in the second part. The topic for today is very interesting. Today,

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Relationship Vs Single

But we’ll talk about Love marriage Which Yogas in Kundli can create chances of love marriage. but Yogas can bring love, romance in your life.

If Whether the relationship or affair you have will convert into marriage or not. but Most importantly, With the person, you are in a relationship,

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Relationship Vs Single

will be the same to be married? Your Kundli may have a love marriage, but whether you’ll marry your loved one or marry any other after the breakup.

But These are the things we are going to discuss. In our life, the marriage relationship is very important. We get some relationships by birth such as parents,

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Relationship Vs Single

sister, brother But we make some relations by ourselves, in which relationship with a love relationship with our wife relationship with friends is some important relationships.

But In the present day, these things have become complicated. The problem in the relationship has increased.

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Relationship Vs Single

So, for that, if we analyze our Kundli and check whether we’ll have to do something for our relationship or not, then our problems and difficulties can decrease.

If I have seen in my life many such cases where the 7-8-year-old relationships fail and converts into breakups.

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Relationship Vs Single

And the boy or the girl goes for an arranged marriage. I’ve also seen such cases where the girl or the boy says that they don’t have any love affair and their parents are seeking their marriage partner.

But suddenly, half or a year later they enter a relationship and that relationship converts into marriage.

But If your Kundli has yoga for love marriage, and the appropriate Dasha and transit are supporting you,

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Relationship Vs Single

then you can almost consider that you will have a love marriage. Let us enter into some more details.

In our Kundli, the most important house for love is the 5th house. 5th house indicates